Voices of Young Fathers: Who am I?

The following are words written by fathers based on how they view themselves. Each person had a different perspective on who he was a that moment. Some see the good, others see the bad. Some see where they need to go, while others explore how far they have already come in their own journeys.

Who am I?

I am me, the shy guy

‘Til you know me guy

Who am I?

Maybe the guy with the world ambition, but yet don’t know what he wants

Who am I?

Maybe that guy who will try, and try again

Just to fail

Who am I?

The guy who was blessed with many chances

Who am I?

Maybe that guy is lost.


Who am I?

I am N.H.

A 19-year-old father

I am the sun and the moon

I am the heat on a hot summer day

I WAS a toxic virus

I WAS a rainy cloud

I WAS a bump on a log

But not anymore

N.H. is a butterfly

N.H. just needed time to grow


Who am I?

I am a man that loves my babies and works to take care of them. I am me. I don’t know what I am, but I’m working on finding out.