Voices of Young Fathers: Letters to…

Participants in the Art Clinic were asked to write personal letters to loved ones, oneself at other age, or people, either in their lives or out of their lives, to whom they had something to say. Please read on to see what these young fathers had to say.

Letter to My Father,

I am so glad that after all this time I know you care about me. Dad, I hate the fact we had no productive relationship when I was young. Sometimes I wish things between you and I were different. I always think I could have been so much more. However, after time I feel I needed to go through the things I did to survive in life. Dad, please forgive me for the part I played in our relationship and I forgive you. I’m so happy that we now say I love you to each other.

Dear 10-year-old self,

You are going to come to crossroads in your life and you are going to make some very bad decisions. You need to think long and hard about every choice you make. Listen to your inner self more and don’t ride out with the people you are going to ride out with. Make better friends and hold on to good ones. Tell the others to kick rocks. Above all else, stick to your rules about females. No matter what. Your rules are good and they are there for a reason. Follow them and never bend. Don’t break even one. They are important.

A letter to my 10-year-old self,

10-year old self, please listen to your mother and never become like your father. Stay in school, play sports, and protect your family. Never give up and always have faith in yourself and the things you are capable of achieving in life. Remember to become the man that your father was not. Because bad association spoils useful habits. So set goals and finish what you start.