The Fathers and Families Center Workforce Development Team understands the challenges you face when hiring new staff. Our employment specialists will work together with you to reduce the time, money, and resources required to keep your company fully staffed, and to keep your business running smoothly. We have a unique talent development approach that provides ongoing hard- and soft-skills training—and the result is decreased employee turnover. To learn more about how we have helped employers fulfill their staffing needs, view our track record here.


Fathers and Families Center hosts weekly Career Clubs and quarterly Job Fairs. If you are interested in recruiting at one of our hiring events, please email


Training and Development

Our candidates complete intensive job readiness training that covers topics including:

  • Attendance and punctuality
  • Building strong supervisory/co-worker relations
  • Understanding industry best practices/soft-skill needs
  • Effective communication
  • Job retention

Select candidates pursuing jobs requiring technical certifications may qualify for additional training in areas including fabrication and welding, CDL, CNA, forklift operation, logistics, and more.

Talent Screening

Our Employment Specialists work with candidates to identify their strengths and to position them with organizations where they’ll be a good fit. Each candidate undergoes various assessments and is evaluated using the following measures:

  • Skills assessment and preliminary interview
  • Career Inventory
  • Initial drug screening
  • Criminal background check

Other Services and Resources

We offer employers different ways to meet candidates, including job clubs and fairs, and private spaces for conducting individual or group interviews. We also offer other services and resources, including:  

  • Job posting assistance for your current openings or upcoming hiring events on our jobs board
  • Transportation and work clothes assistance
  • Continuing education for our candidates (HSE, advanced certifications) to enhance job skills

Employer Appreciation

Each year Fathers and Families Center holds an Employer Appreciation breakfast. It is our way of thanking employer partners for all they do for us and the families we serve. Contact Jeremy Jenkins at 317-921-5947 or for more information about how you can attend or volunteer.

Contact us to learn more. 

What our employer partners are saying:

“We pride ourselves in our commitment to create a win-win partnership with our community-based organizations. I have had the pleasure to recruit and hire talented employees that took advantage of the countless resources that Fathers and Families has to offer.”  

–  UPS