Part of our mission means connecting fathers and their families with important and helpful community resources. Below you’ll find an up-to-date list of resources designed to do just that. If you aren’t sure where to start, please be sure to ask us for help to make the right connection.

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Community Centers
Children’s Services
Legal Assistance
Low-Income Housing
Home Ownership
Trustees Offices
Homelessness/Food Assistance
Mental Health & Family Counseling
Domestic Violence Assistance

FSSA Community Resource Guideextensive listing of community resources (PDF)

Community Centers

Community centers provide many services that may include social supports, education, referrals, employment assistance, counseling, and hosting of neighborhood events.

Concord Neighborhood Center 317-637-4376
Fay Biccard Glick Neighborhood Center
(Crooked Creek) 317-293-2600
Fletcher Place Community Center 317-636-3466
John H. Boner Community Center 317-633-8210
Martin Luther King Community Center 317-923-4581
Mary Rigg Neighborhood Center 317-639-6106
Shepherd Community Center 317-375-0203
Southeast Community Services, Inc. 317-236-7400
Bonner Fitness and Learning Center 317-423-2000
Hawthorne Social Services Association 317-637-4312
Indianapolis Neighborhood Resource Center 317-920-0330
Edna Martin Christian Center 317-637-3776
Flanner House 317-925-4231

Children’s Services

The agencies below provide a variety of services for children which may include therapy, legal assistance/advocacy, education, and mentorship.

Big Brothers Big Sisters 317-921-2201
Child Advocates, Inc. 317-205-3055
Firefly Children and Family Alliance (formerly Children’s Bureau) 317-634-5050
Christamore House 317-635-7211
Heritage Place 317-283-6662
Kid’s Voice of Indiana 317-558-2870
Lutheran Child and Family Services 317-359-5467
Reach for Youth, Inc. 317-920-5900
St. Mary’s Child Center 317-635-1491


Services meant for formerly incarcerated individuals to transition back into society.

PACE 317-612-6800
RecycleForce 317-532-1367
Homeless & ReEntry Helpers 317-635-0500

Free or low-cost legal advice.

Indiana Bar Association 317-639-5465
Neighborhood Christian Legal Clinic 317-429-4131

Low-Income Housing

Non-emergency low-income housing opportunities.

Partners in Housing 317-353-6784
TBH Management 317-542-1141
JL Hair Realty 317-352-1505
Indianapolis Housing Agency 317-261-7200

Home Ownership

Learn how to be a homeowner.

Indianapolis Neighborhood Housing Partnership

Trustees Offices

Trustees are elected people in each township who help those in poverty obtain certain basic necessities. The trustee may help with shelter or housing costs, utility bills, food, clothing, medical needs, burial expenses, or school supplies. Trustee assistance is considered “last resort” assistance.

Center Township Trustee Office 317-633-3610
Lawrence Township Trustee Office 317-890-0011
Pike Township Trustee Office 317-291-5801
Warren Township Trustee Office 317-327-8947
Washington Township Trustee Office  317-327-8800
Wayne Township Trustee Office 317-241-4191

Homelessness/Food Assistance

Emergency shelters, food pantries, and transitional housing.

Central Christian Church Community Outreach
Family Promise 317-261-1562
Homeless & ReEntry Helpers 317-635-0500
Homeless Initiative Program (HIP) 317-957-2275
Horizon House 317-423-8909
ICAN Clothing Closet at Emerson Ave. Baptist Church
Indianapolis Housing Agency 317-261-7200
Servant’s Heart of Indianapolis Pantry 317-788-9433
St. Vincent de Paul Society 317-687-0169
Midwest Food Bank 317-786-8980
Gleaners Community Cupboard Southwest 317-925-0191
Hunger, Inc. 317-782-3321
Second Moravian Church 317-926-7880
New Bethel Baptist Church 317-636-6622
Mid-North Food Pantry 317-924-7900
Mt. Olive Missionary Baptist Church 317-634-9178
Mt. Zion Baptist Church 317-924-4748
Fountain Square Salvation Army Community Center 317-632-0156
Redemption Outreach Service Incorporated 317-986-7714
Wheeler Mission 317-687-6795
Dayspring Center Family Emergency Shelter 317-635-6780
Holy Family Emergency Shelter 317-635-7830
Good News Mission 317-638-2862

Mental Health & Family Counseling

Counseling services for parents and children.

Alpha Resources Counseling Center 317-898-0060
Damar Behavioral Health 317-856-5201

Eskenazi Health Midtown Community Mental Health Center Mental Health Emergency Line 317-880-8485

Fall Creek Counseling Center 317-375-1901
Families Connected 317-698-7159
Families First 317-634-6341
Reach for Youth, Inc. 317-920-5900

Domestic Violence Assistance

Shelters for women and children who have been victims of domestic abuse.

The Julian Center 317-941-2200
The Salvation Army Women’s Shelter 317-637-5551
Women of Worth Transition Home 317-223-1752
Coburn Place 317-923-5750